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Thursday, May 17, 2007



by robert quek

There was once a boy who wanted to seek the secret of
success. One day he approached a wise man living up in
the mountain. When he found the wise man at the hut, he
asked, “Wise man, can you tell me the secret to becoming
successful in life?” The wise man was silent for a
while. After a moment of silence, the wise man led the
young lad to a nearby river. They kept walking into the
river until the boy’s head was fully submerged in the
water. The boy struggled to keep his head above the
water. To his astonishment, the wise man did not help
him. Instead, the wise man held the boy’s head in the
water. After a few minutes the wise man pulled the boy
out of the water and they proceeded to walk back to the
hut. At the hut the wise man asked the young boy what
he desired most when his head was submerged in water.
To this the young boy quickly responded, “Of course, I
wanted to breathe, you old fool!” To which the wise man
replied, “Son, if you desire success as much as you
wanted to breathe, then you would have found the true
secret of success.”


Success is a matter of choice. If we have enough strong
reasons, there is nothing that we cannot do. Once we
have the reasons to do something, we will surely find
the ways to do it. A mere wish would not make things
happen. It is a burning desire, turned into an
obsession that will generate the energy to bring you to
achieve any goal that you may desire.


"Not the maker of plans and promises, but rather the
one who offers faithful service in small matters. This
is the person who is most likely to achieve what is
good and lasting."