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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


by Richard Quek

There was once a junk dealer who made his living by
picking up things other people had thrown away. He
lived in a run down house on his own. Everyday he would
go out early in the morning and return late at night.
He had no relations or friends, as he was a loner. One
day he fell sick and never recovered. He passed away
and since he had no close relatives, the police entered
his house to investigate. They found the whole house
littered with old furnishings and assorted items from
his past. However, to their surprise, the police
discovered more than $100,000 in old bills packed in
small boxes throughout the house.


The question is why would a man with $100,000 cash in
his possession lived like a beggar, and chose to keep
his money stashed-away in old boxes, which were not
properly kept in a safe place?
He probably feared that he would lose his money someday
and therefore lived like a pauper. The truth of the
matter is that money is only an idea manifested on
paper with ink on it. It is only useful and of value
when it is being used. Money is not meant to be
hoarded, but rather to be used, enjoyed and circulated.
Money is neutral, and it is neither good nor bad.
Whether it is good or bad depends on how it is earned
and used.


"The truest greatness lies in being kind, the truest
wisdom in a happy mind."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


by Richard Quek

Houdini was the greatest magician during his time. He
was also a fantastic locksmith, and boasted that he
could escape from any jail cell in the world in less
than one hour. A small town in the British Isles built
a new jail and issued Houdini the challenge. Houdini
loved challenges and there was a prize money offered,
so he accepted the challenge. When the big day
arrived, there was a large crowd present and the media
was also there to cover the special event. Houdini
confidently walked into the cell, and the door was
closed. He immediately took off his coat and went to
work. Hidden in his belt was a flexible, yet tough and
durable ten-inch piece of steel, which he used to work
on the lock. At the end of 30 minutes, his confidence
disappeared. At the end of an hour, he was soaked in
perspiration. After two hours, Houdini literally
collapsed against the door – which opened! The door had
never been locked, except in Houdini’s own mind.


The door had never been locked except in Houdini’s own
mind, which meant that the door was as firmly locked as
if a thousand locksmiths had put their best locks on
it. Houdini could have unlocked any physical locks, but
not the lock that was in his own mind. Just like
Houdini, our locks are in our own mind and prevent us
from getting out of our “jail”. Most of us are in a
“mental prison” and in order to break out, we need to
realize and admit it, and just give it a little push.


"You can end half your troubles immediately by no
longer permitting people to tell you what you want."

Friday, September 18, 2009

LOVE chooses YOU

If you find yourself in love with someone & that someone does not love you
be gentle to yourself
there is nothing wrong with you
but love just did not choose to rest in someone's heart

If you find someone in love with you & you cannot answer that love
feel honoured that love has come by and called on your door
but gently refuse the feeling you cannot returned
as love did not choose to settle in your heart

If you find yourself in love with someone & the love returns
it still can happen that love chooses to leave
don't try to reclaim it & don't assess any blame

Let it go
despite the pain
there is a reason & meaning to this

You cannot choose love by yourself
LOVE chooses You =)

sent by `uu`

Sunday, September 13, 2009


by Richard Quek

There was a successful company that manufactured and
sold shoes. One day the management had a meeting to
consider opening their market in Africa. They sent one
of their top salesman to Africa to make a study of the
market potential there. Upon arriving in Africa he
noticed that most of the Africans were bare-footed. He
faxed home the message, “ Bad news, nobody wears shoes
here!” And he followed up with the report that there is
no market for shoes in Africa. The management
considered it wise to have a second opinion, and
decided to send another salesman to Africa to assess
the market there. Upon arrival in Africa, the second
salesman was so excited that he quickly faxed a message
back, “Good news, nobody wears shoes here!” He hurried
home and reported to the management, “Gentlemen, we are
going to be “rich”, there is a big market in Africa ,
and what we need to do is to educate them on the
benefits and importance of wearing shoes.”


Life is how we perceive of it. There is a positive side
and a negative side to everything and every
circumstances. You can either look at a cup as “half
full” or “half empty”. You can look at the hole of the
doughnut or the doughnut itself. The choice is yours
and yours alone. But remember that the choices you make
will determine your success or failure.


"Shall we make a new rule of life from tonight: always
try to be a little kinder than is necessary."

Thursday, September 10, 2009


by Richard Quek

There was a tightrope walker, who was so good that he
could walk between two twenty stories building on a
tight rope with a balancing pole. Thousands of people
would watch him perform his breathtaking feat. After he
walked across the building he would have his assistant
sit on his shoulder and he would proceed to walk across
the building. Everybody were amazed and gave him a
thunderous applause. He asked them whether they
believed that he could do it again. The crowd said,
“Yes, we believe that you can!” After a while he asked
the crowd again, “Now, who wants to volunteer to get on
my shoulder?” With that the crowd became silent.


There is a difference between Believe and Faith. We can
believe what we see. In the above story, the crowd
believed in the tightrope walker because they saw him
perform the feat. But when he asked them “Who wants to
get on my shoulder?” everyone was silent. You see, the
crowd had Belief but they did not have Faith. This
story clearly illustrates the difference between belief
and having faith.


"Don't be reckless with other people's hearts, and
don't put up with people that are reckless with yours."

Sunday, September 6, 2009


by Richard Quek

There was a man who works as a foreman at a factory.
Every morning on his way to work , he would pass a
particular shop selling watches. He will stop in front
of the shop and adjust the time on his wrist watch, and
will then proceed to work. He will do this everyday.
The watch shop owner became very curious and one day
stopped the man and asked him what he was doing. The
man said that he was the foreman of the factory and
everyday it was his duty to ring the bell to sound the
alarm at 5.00pm to indicate that it was time to stop
work for the day. He wanted to be accurate with the
time and therefore everyday he would look at the big
clock in the shop to adjust the time on his wrist
watch. The shop owner started laughing! He said,
“Everyday at 5.00pm when the factory bell sounds the
alarm, I would quickly adjust the time on my clock”.


It is important for us to realize that to be successful
we have to follow and copycat the right leaders. We
should role model leaders with good characters, values
and beliefs, otherwise we may find that we may reach
the “top of our ladder”, but only to realize that we
are on “top of the wrong ladder”.


"Whatever the price, identify it now. What will you
have to go through to get where you want to be? ...
There is a price you can pay to be free of the
situation once and for all. It may be a fantastic price
or a tiny one - but there is a price."

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Masih belum terlambat kiranya untuk berbicara tentang ‘ia’. Dek terlalu fokus kepada ‘meeting’ yang tak berkesudahan, mid test land & PIL membuatkan aku agak terlambat untuk entri ini. First entri hasil karya sendiri buat mak di Pasir Pekan, ayah di Dungun & family di Pasir Pekan. Sunguh aku merindui kalian.

Masih terngiang di telingaku cerita ayah & mak pada 12 Ramadhan 1408H
“Kita letak nama Alias la untuk first anak kita ni. Macam mana?”
“Tak nak la. Nanti kawan-kawan dia panggil `liyah’. Tak comel bunyinya.” Hehe.

Sering aku terkenang & tersenyum sendiri tatkala dialog itu bermain di kepala.
Menjadi anak & cucu sulung keluarga membuat aku tak sepi dari perhatian mereka terutamanya bapa saudara & mak saudaraku. Namun rahmatnya, aku rasa sentiasa disayangi mereka semua. Hidup berjauhan hanya rindu sentiasa berteman buat mereka.

Pernah satu ketika, sewaktu mendapat tawaran ke ‘boarding school’, bersungguh Ayah Yi & Ayah Di memujuk supaya menerima tawaran tersebut.

“Mad kena tunjuk contoh yang baik kat adik sepupu & orang kampung kita”

Nasihat Ayah Di waktu itu. Bersemangatnya dia nak tengok anak saudaranya belajar kat ‘boarding school’ sampai bawak aku dinner kat hotel. Tak cukup dengan tu, offer lagi duit & handphone waktu tak ramai lagi sahabat-sahabat guna handphone waktu tu. Tapi dek kerana degil & hati keras tak mahu duduk asrama, tawaran dibiarkan berlalu pergi.hehe. tapi aku tetap sayang mereka semua. Tak terbuka pintu hati waktu itu tambah tak mahu berdikari lagi. Entahlah..

Sewaktu mendapat tawaran ke Matrik UIA, ayah orang yang paling gembira. Nak sangat lihat anaknya ambil ‘law’, cita-citanya padaku sejak kecil. Tapi time hantar aku kat PJ,mak orang yang paling sedih. Tak pernah berpisah lama denganku. Tapi aku pun sedih sama. Malu nangis depan orang ramai kat Mahallah Khadijah time tu, tapi slumber badak je aku nangis.hehe. Sentimental betul. Sekarang pun kalau sedih je, masih nangis dengan mak walaupun dah tua.hahaha. Anak mak la katakan. Mak lah yang paling memahami dari dulu sampai sekarang, sampai aku mimpi mak dah takde pun mak boleh tau.adus.hehe

Dan segala coretan tersebut sentiasa menggamit perasaanku. Tiap lipatan dalam kehidupanku pasti sentiasa dalam ingatanku. Jarang sekali aku melupainya.

Kini 12 Ramadhan, kau menyapa lagi.

Dengan harapan mak dan ayah yang makin berlipat ganda. Dengan harapan anakmu ini berjaya dalam hidupnya. Akan aku kotakan janji pada mereka untuk melihat aku berjaya. Akan aku gunakan kesempatan yang ada sebaiknya nak melihat ayah, mak, tok wea & mama tok datang ke ‘long call’ aku 2 tahun lagi insyaallah. Doakan aku kalian semua. Ameen

I miss you all a lot

p/s : thanks for 'kanak2 ribena' yang first wish and got the right gift from me.he
thanks anas for the pictures