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Friday, September 18, 2009

LOVE chooses YOU

If you find yourself in love with someone & that someone does not love you
be gentle to yourself
there is nothing wrong with you
but love just did not choose to rest in someone's heart

If you find someone in love with you & you cannot answer that love
feel honoured that love has come by and called on your door
but gently refuse the feeling you cannot returned
as love did not choose to settle in your heart

If you find yourself in love with someone & the love returns
it still can happen that love chooses to leave
don't try to reclaim it & don't assess any blame

Let it go
despite the pain
there is a reason & meaning to this

You cannot choose love by yourself
LOVE chooses You =)

sent by `uu`


kata-kata hati~ said...

kite dh bace and kite sgt2 suke~

Nti ahmad postkan lagi ye kata2, ayat2 motivasi yg best! :)

abailian said...

suka ke?

ahmad share aje

semuanya ilmu tuhan

ahmad sampaikan aje :)

Jenin Moden said...

cinta itu fitrah..
fitrah itu asalnya suci..
tapi dicemari noda duniawi

sucikanlah hati..
agar cinta yang menapak..
bukan ilusi tapi hakiki...

cinta kepada Rabbul Izzati :)