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Sunday, July 1, 2007

"Live Your Dream in 2007"

Do You have a Story to Tell?

Several years ago, I belonged to a photography club.
New members joined frequently, which allowed members
the chance to gain fresh, creative ideas. As you might
expect, one of the questions I often heard in first
conversations was: "What kind of work do you do?"

One evening, I began chatting with a new attendee at
one of our meetings. I was surprised when instead of
the usual, "What do you do?", the person pleasantly
said, "So, tell me your story!"

If someone said to you, "Tell me your story!", would
your story brim with enthusiasm--a story written to
your liking? Or would it sound like an uneventful
routine written by someone else--a tiresome treadmill
that leaves your listener hungry to experience the real

If we don't write our own life stories, someone else
will write them for us. If we don't live from our own
values, we might end up living from someone else's
values. If we aren't busy fulfilling our own purpose,
we might be fulfilling someone else's purpose.

Perhaps you have an exciting story to tell.

Ask yourself these questions:

If I were to tell someone my ideal story, what emotions
would my story ignite?

What did it require for me to start creating that

What is the opening sentence?

Many people begin writing their ideal life story, but
then they live in the introduction all their lives. Our
life stories need to be enticing page-turners that are
hard to put down. We have to get past the introduction
and into the exhilarating part where the plot thickens
and the suspense builds. Then we can enjoy the
mysteries, victories, and adventure of an authentic

So what's your ideal story? The plot will begin in your
own imagination--a compelling tale of faith in action
that will guide you to a most extraordinary conclusion!


An authentic life is a watchful, purposeful, committed,
and joyous life. It allows us to express our highest
calling in our own best ways.

When our desires, thoughts, commitments, words,
and actions are congruent with our life purpose, we
live authentically. We experience the joy that comes
from using our God-given gifts and talents in ways that
benefit others.

A key factor often overlooked in living an authentic
life is the strength of our commitment to authenticity
itself. Ralph Waldo Emerson's writings often emphasized
the integration of consciousness into the "form" of
life. Our outer life--all that we experience--is
created each day, one moment at a time. It can be torn
apart by disturbances.

Emerson knew that our awareness can be captured easily
by shifting moods, especially in the spring and summer
of life. So, he believed, authenticity requires
watchfulness, diligence, and patience in the face of
life's inevitable disappointments and failures. Its
test requires a rigorous commitment to the path we
choose to travel. In "Self-reliance" he wrote, "Nothing
at last is sacred but the integrity of your own mind."

In "The Power of Purpose", author Richard Leider
mentioned the wise advice that cancer therapists Carl
and Stephanie Simonton share with their patients: "You
must be willing to be yourself, not what people want
you to be because you think that is the only way you
can get love. You can no longer be dishonest. You are
now at a point where, if you truly want to live, you
have to be who you are."

If someone were to ask you "Who are you? What are you
really about?", what would you tell them?

Think of one thing you are committed to accomplishing
during your life time--something that makes use of your
unique interests and talents in serving others. Then
write a simple one-word sentence describing the essence
of your "story" and your diligence in living that story
to its conclusion.

Your willingness to serve, watchfulness, and
commitment to your deepest calling will allow you to
express your true essence despite life's disturbances.
It will allow you to experience one of God's richest
blessings: an authentic and joyous life.

Wishing you blessings and success! :-)