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Monday, October 26, 2009


by Richard Quek

There was once a very famous motivational speaker. He
had a driver who followed him to all his speaking
engagements. The driver saw and heard the motivational
speaker spoke so often that he knew word for word what
the motivational speaker was going to say. He became an
expert too. The driver told the motivational speaker
that he could speak just as well. One day when the
motivational speaker was not feeling well, the driver
asked for a chance to speak in his place. The
motivational speaker agreed and the driver went on
stage confidently and gave the best motivational speech
of his life. The motivational speaker was shocked
because the driver spoke and moved exactly like him.
The driver got a standing ovation from the big audience
at the end of his speech. After the speech, it was
question time. One of the audiences asked a very
difficult question. The driver knew that there was no
way he could answer the question. He paused for a
moment and confidently told the audience that the
question was too easy for him so he will ask his driver
(the motivational speaker) to answer it instead.


It is easy to be successful if you find a successful
person as a mentor to follow. To be successful you have
to be a good “copycat” and follow what successful
people do. Let them be your role model. Follow what
they do, what they believe in, how they move, how they
talk, and what they think about most of the time. If
they succeed in what they do, you can also have the
same degree of success if you role model them.
Successful people have developed a pattern of


"Never measure the height of a mountain until you have
reached the top. Then you will see how low it was."