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Friday, October 9, 2009


by Richard Quek

There was once an old Indian who was poverty stricken.
But one day, he strike it big when oil was discovered
on his land. He became wealthy overnight and decided to
reward himself by buying a Cadillac touring car. In
those days, the Cadillac touring cars had two spare
tires on the back. The old Indian wanted to be
different and so he placed four spare tires at the back
of his car. He bought himself a beautiful suit and hat.
Everyday, with a cigar in his mouth he would drive into
the hot, dusty, little Oklahoma cowboy town nearby. He
wanted to show off his new car. He waved and spoke to
everyone that he passed by, on the right and on the
left. He sometimes turned all the way around to speak
to the folks. The strange thing is that he never ran
into anybody or over anybody. He never did hit anybody
or anything. Guess why? Directly in front of that big
beautiful car, there were two horses – pulling it!


There was nothing wrong with the car, but the old
Indian never learned how to start the car engine.
Inside the car were a hundred horses, but the old
Indian was only using two horses on the outside. Most
of us make the same mistake of looking outside of us
when we already have within us the necessary power to
move us forward. Scientists said that we only use about
10% to 15 % of our full potential. Therefore, it is up
to us to tap into our own potential and awaken the
sleeping giant within us.


"There are no hopeless situations; there are only
people who have grown hopeless about them."

p/s : mahanisayu,tq :)